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Suitable for all secondary stages (junior to specialist)

Quick & Easy Ordering
(using class names and class sizes)

Set up weekly order
(build it up over days/weeks)
(auto classes/days/sizes - you click recipes)

+ Process an order
(produce lesson/dept totals,
using output option which suits you)

+ Finalise an order
(adjusting per store cupboard)
+ Monitor lesson costs
(view course/term/year totals)

Flexible Nutrition Analysis
(using latest HMSO data;
three levels: Basic, Standard, Self-Select;
bar charts, pie graphs, traffic lights)

Single recipe
(with product label option)
+ Comparing two recipes
(or same recipe with variations)

+ Analysing a meal (several recipes)
+ Single ingredient
+ Comparing two ingredients
+ Finding where a nutrient is used

Sensory Analysis

Choose descriptors
(c.100 provided, with their meanings;
own descriptors can be added)

+ Decide no. of assessors
+ Set up assessor forms
+ Enter assessor scores
+ View results in text
or in graphical form
(bar charts; pie charts; spider graphs)
+ Paste into project reports

What users say

We are really impressed with the system. (HE teacher B.C., Perth & Kinross, Sept. 2016)

Thank you so much for accommodating our ideas. (PT Lifestyle A.S., Aberdeenshire, Aug 2016)

NutriGraph is a fantastic bit of kit. (HE technician C.B., Aberdeenshire, Aug. 2016)

I couldn't imagine doing food ordering without your programme! (HE teacher M.D., Perth & Kinross, May 2016)

The software is very important to us. (school Network Manager M.A., West Lothian)

Email or phone 01294 276168

Read the info sheet and/or earlier user testimonials

Designed for a busy secondary school in 1982/83, this system was soon adopted in many other schools. As OrderMaster5, it was recognised as an essential element of staff support in 1999, and, as NutriGraph™, was issued to all schools in Scotland in 2001. NutriGraph™ was converted for online use in 2015. The cost is kept at a very affordable annual fee.

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